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Rangers 3, Penguins 2

The New York Rangers JV team (48-28-6) defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins JV team (50-21-11) by the score of 3-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – Patti Ann and Conor McDonald

2nd Star – “Blueshirts Off Our Backs” ceremony

3rd Star – Regular season has finally ended!

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Since this wasn’t a real game, it doesn’t deserve a real drink, so I’m going with a Blueberry Mojito mocktail.

Video of the Game

I’m not crying, you’re crying

Mac Attack

While this shot probably doesn’t get past an NHL goaltender, the move Ryan McDonagh makes on this goal should have every Rangers fan giddy this morning…

Got to love the speed and power. After a week off, he looked real fresh last night. This will likely be the healthiest McDonagh has been going into the postseason in years.

And how about this quote from McDonagh after the game…

“I felt really strong in my skates and I felt fast and powerful, so that’s a good sign here to get ready.”

Great job by AV getting his older players some much needed rest this last week. Also, with Girardi and Klein missing a ton of games due to injury this season, there is less mileage on them going into the playoffs, which should benefit the elder defensemen and the team against the Canadiens and hopefully beyond.

Game Recap

I’d do a recap but…

I’ll have a Rangers/Canadiens preview up hopefully tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with this: The Rangers have been playing meaningless hockey since February and it’s shown in their play as they finished March and April with a record of 8-7-4. My concern is that after being on cruise control for so long, can this team flip the switch now that the postseason has begun. It’ll be interesting to see.

Here’s the series schedule:

Last night I appeared on the Hockey Night in New York podcast to preview the series, I’m on at the 60 minute mark. Listen below…

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One thought on “Rangers 3, Penguins 2

  1. Very cool, I’ll definitely listen to the podcast. A few thoughts:
    I did tape the game to help me sleep after a long work trip. Hardly a hit was thrown. This was definitely a scrimmage.
    Good mojo winning last night despite it all.
    Nash, our new set up man???
    McD looked like a new man. Thank goodness. He must have been playing with injury.
    Little mention of Dan G this season… that’s a good thing. His best year in the last 3 easily
    Vesey looking more confident, a good thing.now if that can rub Off on Buch if he gets any plays by time…
    Henry didn’t give up a goal last night
    Sid didn’t score on us, though he almost did…’
    Rangers will look like a new team Wed despite all the “time off”
    I don’t think Price is going to be invincibility this series, on the other hand I’m not counting on Hank being immortal either. Gonna have to play some D. Rangers in 6


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