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Rangers 3, Wild 2

The New York Rangers (45-24-3) defeated the Minnesota Wild (43-21-6) by the score of 3-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – Brady Skjei’s family (Got to see Brady score in his home state)

2nd Star – Minnesota hockey (Thank you for developing McDonagh, Stepan and Skjei)

3rd Star – Road games (The Rangers wouldn’t have any wins without them)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

To celebrate the newly formed “Kid Line” let’s enjoy a Shirley Temple.

Gif of the Game

When you sell out with nine seconds remaining in a one goal game, you deserve the “Gif of the Game”…

Kid Line

I’ve been racking my brain thinking of line combinations that would keep both Vesey and Buchnevich in the Top 9, but putting them on the same line? Now that’s some out of the box line-up tinkering that has eluded AV during his Rangers tenure.

While I’m still not a fan of Fast on the third line, I have to admit he’s been significantly involved offensively since being placed with Grabner and Hayes after coming off of IR.

2-on-1 Parade

Every time I looked up in the second period the Wild were racing down the ice on a 2-on-1. And somehow, they weren’t able to convert…

Holden played this one perfectly…

This one, not so much (but got away with it)…

Brendan Smith continues to impress as he executes a perfect snow angel…

Does Zuccarello ever stop hustling?…

This was the hockey game. The Wild not being able to finish on even one of these odd man rushes was their ultimate demise.

Tanner Glass Watch

Scenes from the press box:

McDonagh Struggling

A night after McDonagh’s embarrassing flailing attempt failed to stop Jaromir Jagr’s pass on Barkov’s third period go ahead goal, the Rangers Captain made two more questionable defensive plays:

The first was when he carelessly decides to leave the front of the net to double team the puck carrier while on the penalty kill leaving Eric Staal wide open in the slot…

The second is when he again decides to play defense from the seat of his pants allowing the puck to get through to the slot…

With the defense being the Rangers achilles heel, they can’t afford to have their best defender making these kind mental errors if the Blueshirts expect to make a long run in the postseason.

Mini Recap

I don’t mean to over-react to one win, but the line-up AV rolled with tonight needs to be the Rangers Game 1 line-up when the postseason begins. The forward lines were balanced while the diversity on the back end gives the Blueshirts the best chance at victory every night.

My favorite aspect of Brady Skjei is that while most first year players usually begin to falter late in the season, his game has actually gotten stronger.

Any chance the Rangers petition the league to have all their playoff games played on the road?

Two too many men on the ice penalties while quick thinking by Stepan at the bench prevented a third. Unconscionable. Especially when the penalty kill has been struggling of late.

I haven’t seen a faceoff performance as good as Zibanejad’s since…

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17 thoughts on “Rangers 3, Wild 2

  1. I like this new fourth line. I’ve been wanting a reunion of the KZB line but apparently that’s not going to happen. However, I think the Vesey, Lindberg, Buchnevich line has great potential. 1.) It keeps both Vesey and Buchnevich in the lineup and 2.) they’ll play limited minutes compared to the other three lines so stamina shouldn’t be an issue as has been mentioned before (esp. Vesey). Maybe AV just stumbled on to a diamond in the rough with these three. Let’s see.


  2. Good Read as always. Don’t like Stepan and Zib on PP at the same time. Put Vesey or Buch in Stepan’s place. What are your thoughts?


  3. 3 outta 4 pts ..went friday played 10 minutes and said 2 zip Fla on Back to backs .,…Diff team
    when motivated to put out ….AV is goanna experiment and create & reward & sit till PO’s
    Oscar ..real deal whatt a move for the kids to run in….could be real special
    Mac … really NOT top #1 who leads top pair ..should be on top pair but not lead dog
    Staal solid but Mac maiking the mistakes … puttin more pressure than needed ..sitem a game ???
    Shey : dying to see Mac & shey Debut …healthy Gman & SHey who as K D said gettin better
    could be the biggest reason we roll sum in PO’s
    G man Shey Mac & Staal Holden & Smith thats a top 6 D waitin with subs like Klien Sumptner watin in case….
    Must relish the 4 slot & workin now for the P O’s not if we were in the PO’s ……BIG DIFF
    with all this prep time & combos yet discovered ..health & depth will win us a lot of games


  4. Can we please get Miller back with Hayes and Grabs? Then Fast and Lindberg who were starting to really click … why does our coach seem to be against chemistry? Having said that it was nice to see a 4 th line that can score last night. I do like the center switch at the top 2 lines, about time and with Miller back where he is most effective Vesey or Buch can be up with Step and Nash. Loved the old KZB line and back in the early days this season when Kreider played aggressive hockey and was making a lot of noise out there. Can someone please remind him how he should play to be more effective. Playoffs are coming. As for the game Wild are really good and if they solve they’re goaltending will be tough this spring. We competed but looked overmatched at times. In the end it seemed close to even in play with goaltending being the difference maker.


    1. Great insight. I’d like to see AV roll with these lines for a few games to see what comes from it. I do agree that a Buch-Zib-Kreids reunion would be nice.


  5. Remember when the Rangers were lights out on D, and we almost looked forward to the PK? Ah, they were simpler times. I drank less, and I had fewer stray gray hairs.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great read as always – I’m with Betweentheworlds on the Miller – Hayes and Grabs…..they click – I remember Zucc and Brass and Pouliot used to gel great, but it is what it is. ZBad is a monster on faceoffs but the 4th line that we saw last night needs to stay. I don’t even need to really chime in because everyone has stated exactly what I’m thinking. Also Kevin great job as usual. I haven’t read a garbage Larry Brooks Post article since I started following this blog. Cheers


  7. Tried a Shirley Temple. Found out, no alcohol. Drink had no grit, just like the Rangers. Hope to see a Bourbon neat as the drink next time. Maybe we’ll see some on the ice then…
    Btw, is there a drink called Glass something? Just sayin’….


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    1. I know your name is Rita cause your perfume’s smelling sweeta…. welcome back spam, now add a few trolls and the new and improved NYRB will be complete!

      Liked by 1 person

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