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Rangers 4, Devils 3, OT (Preseason Game 2)

The New York Rangers defeated the New Jersey Devils by the score of 4-3 in overtime. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1. The guy at NHL headquarters who threatened tonight’s refs with being fired if they didn’t call every faceoff violation.

2. The guy at NHL headquarters who hates the flow of hockey games so he threatened tonight’s refs with being fired if they didn’t call a penalty on every play.

3. The guy at NHL headquarters who forced Henrik Lundqvist to pimp Addidas products by covering his luscious hair with the worst looking Rangers hat I’ve ever seen.

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

In honor of the refs making a mockery of tonight’s game in the faceoff circle, have yourself a Face Off Vodka Shooter.

Gif of the Game

How can you not love this guy?

How to Debut 101

What’s up with these rookies scoring OT winners in their Rangers debut? A game after Neal Pionk sent the Garden Faithful home happy on Monday night, 18-year old wunder kid Filip Chytil does the same tonight.

Chytil fan boying will be ramped up to a 10 tomorrow on social media as I’m pretty sure every Rangers fan looked like this after watching the highlight of the 21st overall pick’s game winner for the 50th time…

BTW, how about that celebration from Chytil? Didn’t realize the Rangers won the Stanley Cup on that goal. I did enjoy the youthful enthusiasm though.

Shatty Dropping Dimes

Got to love Kevin Shattenkirk dishing the puck like Magic Johnson out on the ice. His pass to spring Vesey prior to the Hayes goal was sick. There was such a small window for him to sneak the puck through and he did it with ease.

You also have to be impressed with his awareness. He immediately recognizes two Devils bearing down on him and quickly distributes the perfect pass to spring Desharnais.

The Rangers defense is going to create a ton of offense this season.

The Beantown Connection

How about the Boston boys of Hayes and Vesey playing off each other like Affleck and Damon in Good Will Hunting?

The two Beantown products hung out all summer long and by the look of their chemistry on the above goal as well as this ridiculous scoring chance, I’d say it was a positive experience…

Mini Recap

– Hey AV, what’d you think about all the faceoff violation calls tonight?

I agree with Ken Daneyko that it’s ultimately on the players to conform to the new faceoff rules, but God help the ref who calls a faceoff violation penalty in the final two minutes of a tied game against Tortorella’s Blue Jackets. The guy might not get out of Columbus alive.

– Loved Desharnais’ game tonight. Little guy who likes to get to the dirty areas and make plays. Zucc Lite?

– Speaking of Zucc, he’s already in midseason form.

– While most Rangers fans would immediately sign-up for 82 games of Marc Staal being as invisible on the ice as he was tonight, I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to remain on the roster with the strong play from Pionk, DeAngelo and Graves so far.

– Puempel > Tanner Glass

– Coming into training camp the Rangers biggest concern was depth up the middle, but after the performances from Hayes and Desharnais tonight as well as the maturity and skill I’m seeing from Andersson and Chytil my uneasiness is beginning to dissipate.

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7 thoughts on “Rangers 4, Devils 3, OT (Preseason Game 2)

  1. I missed the games but glad to hear our rookies are getting their feet wet. The thing is that our rookies/young guys are very good but not standout impact players like we’re seeing in others around the league. The prospect pool is still thin and it’s unrealistic to expect either of our 1st rounders, or Nieves or anyone in the system can come here and save the day. As it stands now this team is a middle of the pack group. With our improved D Gorts is goIng to have to pull the trigger on a pretty big trade or 2 to get a couple impact players up front as well as Kreider completing his latest round of electric shock therapy and becoming the impact player his size and skill demands. Then it gets interesting…it will be interesting to see how this year plays out, if Gorts works towards creating a contender for next season or if he can work with what he has and makes some better moves for this year. Not too misunderstand, I think this team is good and by omission alone (i.e.: losing Stephan) coupled with a bit more grit and improved D it’s better than last season but our division is better too. I think we are 2 competitive scoring forwards away from being in the conversation for playing into June


  2. I’ve been saying it all offseason, this is a bubble team right now, but as you say, they’re only 1-2 players away from being a serious Cup contender.


  3. Who in design at Adidas? Their players at the US Open looked ridiculous.
    Hope the kids make the roster. There may be growing pains, but ready for some change.


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