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Rangers 4, Flyers 3

The New York Rangers (47-26-6) defeated the Philadelphia Flyers (38-33-8) by the score of 4-3. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – A Victory at MSG!!!!! (Hallelujah!)

2nd Star – Clinching at least the 1st Wild Card!!!!! (Bring on the Canadiens!)

3rd Star – Officially Eliminating the Flyers from Playoff Contention!!!! (Icing on the cake!)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

After that dominating performance from Zuccarello, I’ve got to go with the Norwegian Iceberg.

Gif of the Game

Not much work tonight for Lundqvist, but this beauty with 15.2 remaining literally saved the game for the Rangers.

Zucca Zucca Burnin’ Love

Is it me or has Zuccarello been involved in every Rangers goal this season? If he’s not scoring he’s either setting up a teammate, digging the puck out of the corner or causing an offensive zone turnover. So fun to watch.

Just look at his eyes on the Smith goal as he waits for the Flyers defenseman to move his stick out of the passing lane and puts the puck on Smith immediately.

BTW, who knew Smith had moves like that?

Bring the Noise

Whenever the Rangers play the Flyers it’s usually a physical affair, which is why I had no issues with Tanner Glass being in the line-up and it paid off as the Blueshirts took the body while the Flyers seemed disinterested at times despite the fact that they were playing for their postseason lives.

Glass set the tone early with this hit that was embarrassingly called a charge. Not only is Manning turning, Glass gets him on the side. Making this call even worse was the refs missing at least two much more egregious hits from behind on the Rangers later in the game. Awful.

Zuccarello was more than just a playmaker tonight..

A great forecheck by Kreider ends with a Lindberg goal to give the Rangers a 3-1 lead…

And finally this hit by Girardi on our old friend Del Zotto, who had a typically awful giveaway that lead directly to Lindberg’s goal.

Mini Recap

Holy crap that got nerve-racking at the end. The Rangers were literally trying to give the game away in the final minutes as they had two unforgivable icings along with Stepan’s turnover in the Rangers zone after inexplicably touching the puck despite a delayed Flyers hand pass. I was fully prepared for overtime after the phantom Smith penalty. But kudos to the penalty kill and Lundqvist.

Damn the Rangers defense was awful on the Flyers first goal…

As I mentioned above, I fully understood AV inserting Glass into the line-up. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why AV isn’t getting Buchnevich some experience in meaningless games to end the season. Sure, he wasn’t good against the Penguins, but isn’t that exactly why he should be out there with virtually nothing on the line vs. the Flyers? I try not to beatup on AV too much, but this is puzzling at best.

With the Rangers down 1-0 and the Garden crowd beginning to anticipate a ninth straight loss at home, the rejuvenated power play continued to pick up the Blueshirts by getting them on the board and on their way to victory.

Watchout, as Zibanejad is finally finding his game after coming back from the leg injury as he now has 10 points (5g, 5a) in his last 14 games.

Good things happen when you go to the net, right Kreids?

With literally nothing left to play for, it’s time to get some of the big guys some rest. Nash, Zuccarello, Stepan, Hayes, Kreider, Miller, Grabner and Hayes should all get a game off in the final three. Sure, momentum going into the postseason is nice, but so is health.

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10 thoughts on “Rangers 4, Flyers 3

  1. new hat..no matter what or how ugly it is …it is the right move..turn the page
    ready for the new season to start ….
    had in the bag the whole time……yea these are the NYR boys remember ..DRAMA 101


  2. Solid game ….not counting desperate hockey last 2 min…..
    Seems team takes on concerns and answers them
    PP not working ….IT IS NOW
    Step not scoring …HE IS NOW
    NAsh needed a few ….GOTTEM
    D rested & trying combos : GETTING DONE
    HANK knock rust off a 3 wk vacation…Ditto getting done ….

    Ques ..how many teams have a 7 man D squad w/experience as good as NYR 7
    not counting 2 more than adequate D men who could make 6 man on many D
    especially with # of injuries (see Ott D corps) …..
    ANswer; NO ONE……. has to be the best composite group & healthy ..L G R

    Forgot : G man & SHEY ..very nice solid gm …Mr Shey is x factor in P O ‘s
    ice time for D : Mac & shey should be the work horses & all D works off them

    MY only concern left is the back 6 of wings :
    saw it last nite Oscar & Quick are in sync
    Grabs is needed to make it a BIG 4th line ….

    that leaves the so called 3rd line .. w/J T secured top 6 slot now
    Hayes Vesey Buchny can be a X factor type line w/ Glass as sub when needed
    for grits & one of the rooks sittin unless they both that line is HOT

    3rd & 4th line concerns are the only ones to watch in last 3 gms

    WASH catchin em on back to back ..they play Tor. tues great for us
    CBJ & PITT square off tues also that should be fun

    Ott & Pitt to close it ….Ott may need it somehow but banged up
    Pitt should wanna kick there asses just to get right mind for P O’s

    thats it ..nothing left but golf to fil till PO s 4/12 Hope it stays nice


  3. So here was Hank breathing a sigh of relief finally getting a win and with only 1 GA…. If I was him I literally would have killed my teammates (looking at you Holden, Kreider, Stepan, and Smith) in the locker room. That being said they played a great 58 minutes against a team that should have been desperate but oddly wasn’t. Let’s keep it going!


      1. Really strange. Simmonds was literally invisible all night. And Filppula at the end was actually hysterical running out the clock! I guess they didn’t want to prolong the inevitable…


  4. Got to see some vintage Girardi in the 1st…(ridiculous unforced turnover in the D zone).. Vintage Del Zotto on the 3rd (plenty of time, open shooting lane.. noth Ng but glass) but seriously if I were AV I’d concentrate on nothing but D and D-zone assignments in the last 3 games. The 2nd Flyer goal really stands out with both the shooter open and Simmons standing all by himself in front of Lundqvist. At times we looked strong on the forecheck and for the most part I liked our game but was fully prepared to deal with the emotional impact of blowing a 3 goal lead in the final minutes lol. LGR


      1. I think it’s good you didn’t because he’s really cut way down on those (thank you God) and is having a decent bounce back season IMO.. now the big Del Zotto wind up and almost breaking the glass would have been a good one

        Liked by 1 person

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