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Rangers 4, Jets 2

The New York Rangers (49-21-7) defeated the Winnipeg Jets (35-34-8) by the score of 4-2, tonight. For a box score and recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

…#1 team in the NHL on March 28th. Let that one sink in for second Rangers fans.

…it’s been awhile, but from the middle of the second period we finally saw the Rangers team that was so successful all season. Tough forecheck, suffocating defense and the ability to comeback.

…Ryan “Mother Effin” Callahan. Sole reason the Rangers came back in this game.

…so who’s this new high scoring power forward the Rangers recalled from the Whale? Wait…that’s Brian Boyle?

…didn’t realize Del Zotto hadn’t scored in 21 games. And he’s the Rangers scoring defenseman?

…Rangers special teams goes from horrific in Minnesota to terrific in Winnipeg. I’m sorry that was awful.

…can someone tell Bickel he’s not supposed to fight when his team is up a goal in the third period on the road.

…impressive game from Staal, who took a beating from the Jets tonight. Especially from Kane.

…congrats to Hank on win #250.

…sweet snipe by Stepan, who’s obviously been hanging out with Gabby.

…14-for-17 in the faceoff circle from Richards.

…off tomorrow then the Habs at MSG on Friday night.

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