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Rangers 4, Senators 1 (Sens 2-1)

The New York Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators by the score of 4-1 in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Semi-Final match-up. Ottawa leads the series 2-1. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – Urgency (That’s as desperate as we’ve seen this team all year)

2nd Star – Physicality (When this team is physical, they’re usually on their game)

3rd Star – Resiliency (It’s not easy bouncing back from a loss as devastating as Game 2. Full credit for being able to put that game behind them.)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Not sure the Rangers could have played a more perfect game, so let’s celebrate with a Perfect Martini.

Gif of the Game

No player in the NHL has better facial expressions after a goal than Mats Zuccarello…

Sacrificing Your Body

When the season is on the line, a player must be willing to put it all out there. And that’s exactly what the Rangers did last night as they sacrificed their bodies all night long. Whether it was a big hit or a blocked shot, the Blueshirts set the tone physically from the drop of the puck.


Why do Rangers fans love Zuccarello? Because he’s just as likely to score a goal…

…as he is to bang some bodies with his small frame…

Not having Zuccarello in the 2015 playoffs is the easily the biggest reason that team didn’t make a return trip to the Stanley Cup Final. He can not only make a play on his own, but he makes everyone around him better. Just ask Zibanejad.

All the Right Moves

After what was arguably his worst game as the head coach of the New York Rangers in Game 2, unlike Ampipe Head Coach Nickerson, Alain Vigneault made all the right moves last night.

The first, and more controversial, decision was the re-introduction of Tanner Glass into the line-up. While Pavel Buchnevich offers more skill, Glass plays a straight forward game which is so effective in the postseason. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the four games Glass has played this postseason are the four best of his Rangers career. Including his role on the Oscar Lindberg goal. Not only does he sellout to chip the puck out of the Rangers zone and onto the stick of JT Miller, he then knocks Dion Phaneuf to the ice while making a beeline to Ottawa’s net opening up a huge lane which Miller took advantage of before feeding it to the wide open Lindberg.

Next, and more importantly, Vigneault finally deployed his defense effectively. After watching the much maligned pairing of Staal/Holden get overwhelmed by tough assignments, while the more effective duo of Skjei/Smith were stapled to the bench, AV flipped the script as he assigned ice time based on merit not familiarity.

McDonagh: 26:52
Skjei: 20:13
Girardi: 20:00
Smith: 19:39
Staal: 16:17
Holden: 14:29

Staal/Holden are a perfectly adequate third pairing, it’s when AV begins to rely on them to carry the load that they get into trouble.

Let’s hope this deployment isn’t just an anomaly.

Mini Recap

Now that’s how you start a playoff game!!!! The Rangers came out like a bunch of crazed dogs. Ottawa was absolutely devastated right off the bat and couldn’t recover.

Through the first two games, the Rangers had been effective against the Senators trap, but in Game 3 they rendered it useless. Between the Rangers deft passing and willingness to get the puck deep, Ottawa had no answers.

The New York Rangers Blog had a camera isolated on Henrik Lundqvist all night…

“Big Game Zib” has a nice ring to it. Zibanejad now leads the Rangers in playoff points with seven (1g, 6a).

I had a good feeling about Rick Nash going into the postseason and, for once, he’s not disappointing.

Soooooooo, a contract extension for Dan Girardi?

More like Jean-Druce Pageau, amirite?

And we thought Lundqvist was awful handling the puck…

One thing to take note of going forward is that Ottawa is pretty nicked up. Karlsson is not even close to 100% as he’s been laboring on his injured foot. MacArthur, who’s been dealing with concussion issues, was knocked out of Game 2, while both Zack Smith and Bobby Ryan left Game 3 with injuries. One of the Rangers big advantages going into this series is their depth, so if half the Senators team is going to be in the infirmary or banged up, AV needs to continue rolling four lines to put these ailing players in precarious positions.

If the Rangers can take Game 4, I’m not sure the Senators will be able to rebound.

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16 thoughts on “Rangers 4, Senators 1 (Sens 2-1)

  1. So Glass contributed to one play where we actually finished rather than tipped a puck wide or into various goalie bits (pad/glove/blocker/codpiece) and he gets credit for being part of the reason we won? C’mon man … where is he in any of the hit gifs above, and that is supposed to be what he brings to the game? Is Buch still benched if half of the sick passes he threaded through to teammates actually were put in the goal?

    Why we won:

    1. The defense didn’t spit the bit.
    2. The Trainwreck Twins were relegated third pairing minutes finally.
    3. The team played 60 minutes of NHL caliber hockey.
    4. Hank, while not actually tested, made the saves he had to make. I’d give Jesus a pass on that play by Ryan. That took me back to Magic Johnson’s no-look wizardry.

    Basically, they played how we, and by we I mean everyone outside of Ottawa, thought they could and would play. IF, and that’s a big IF, IF they can bottle that effort up and sip it each of the next three (or even dare I say 11) games, then the sky is the limit.

    Nice write-up, but I’m beginning to wonder if your wife/mother/grandmother’s maiden name is Glass.


    1. I give credit when credit is due. Glass had a solid game. Actually, him not having a big hit proves he doesn’t always need to be physical to have an impact.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It amazes me how hung we get as fans on the 12th Forward…maybe just maybe with Buch benched the top 9 slots in better and AV combos can work. If Buch cannot unseat a top 9 guy then he CANT play. He is not made for a 4th line skill set. I would rather have a solid glass type game on the 4th line, then Buch being forced into the top 9 and not producing top 9 production.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Glass was in the said vid with Miller. They knocked Smith out of the game with that hit.
      He also had a really nice defensive pickup in the slot I think in the 3rd period. Guy was wide open.
      Train wreck Twins…AMAZING!!!
      Finally, Glass is a distant cousin to Kevin’s wife.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great game last night!

    I guess my only concern is has AV really learned his lesson regarding the ice time of his defensemen. It’s easy to give more ice to 76/42 when you’re up 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, or simply in the 1st Period. However, three minutes to go 3rd Period in a 2-1 game that’s a must win does AV make the “right” decision?


  3. First postseason win where Hank wasn’t, and didn’t need to be, the best player on the ice. That is a really good sign that the team can actually make this a series and hopefully come out on top. I thought Zuuc, Zib, Nash, Grabner, etc were just tremendous and AV did an excellent job of sheltering Holden and Staal. Not Mac’s best game but others stepped up. And Hank was solid, making the “timely” saves when he needed to. All in all a pretty great game for the blueshirts.


  4. its not rocket science really.. we had one tough grueling series against Montreal, the toughest I’ve seen in recent memory. How no one got seriously injured is a miracle. Then we come into a series with a softer lesser team banged up, its human nature to let up no matter how professional, and that ” let up” were 2 games that could have gone either way. That’s why I predicted Rangers in 6. When the legs are moving and the passes are clicking their trap is useless. First 2 games not much of an issue, third game with sharper passing and playing as a unit we wiped it out. Add the desperation factor and this is the true difference between these 2 teams, though I expect Ottawa to come out stronger next game. Then with good possession our more average defense didn’t have to carry the load and Hank could take a well deserved night off. Keep the pedal to the medal. Let’s get this done on 6. Oh and Glass was just fine. Id like to keep these little New but maybe rotate Buch into the 4th.


  5. Really love these recaps. Very witty and well put together. Many thanks.
    Plus the fact that its easier to enjoy them when we have won and play real well and so, the glue bottle is back in the garage.
    So that was a game played well. Still have no idea why we cannot have coach that then feeds of this and players that does it again… I know no team plays at 100% all of the time but the difference between 20 % effort and 100%, only this team manages to do this consistently.
    So let’s put another one together, just like this and then as you said Kevin, don’t think the Sens can respond.
    So I have emptied the Sake cabinet, the glue bottles locked up cause I don’t need them tomorrow…… I think….


  6. Great game last night. Nice to see all the Glass haters making their stupid comments again….having said that watching the Pens Caps game…good lord they need to ban air horns at hockey games!


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