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Rangers 4, Senators 1 (Tied 2-2)

The New York Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators by the score of 4-1 in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Semi-Final match-up. The series is now tied 2-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – John Amirante (No choice but to win when John is singing the anthems)

2nd Star – Sloppy Seconds chant (Bravo, Rangers fans, bravo)

3rd Star – Home ice advantage (Four straight at MSG. No, seriously.)

Post Game Cocktail Recomendation

I’ll take anything, just as long as it’s in a Glass.

Pic of the Game

I love Fast’s cheek nuzzled ever so gently on Holden’s chest. Almost as if they were a cute little couple.

Have A Game Tanner Glass

I could talk about the hits…

Or the blocked shots…

Or the relentless forecheck…

Or maybe that fight…

Nah, I want to talk about Tanner Glass the point producer. The guy now has more playoff points, four (1g, 3a), than Kreider, Miller, Vesey and Hayes while playing in FIVE less games. Physicality and straight forward hockey wins in the postseason. It’s why we’ve seen players such as Dominic Moore, Brian Boyle and Daniel Carcillo succeed in the playoffs.

Just ask Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fast, who have been two of the best Rangers through 10 postseason games.

Also, kudos to Alain Vigneault for setting the physical tone right from the opening faceoff by starting Glass alongside Nash and Stepan to begin the game.

You tell ’em Tanner.

Hit Em Hard

I can’t get enough of the Rangers punishing Erik Karlsson…

The Rangers have completely taken the two-time Norris Trophy winner out of this series by physically manhandling him.

Remember the Ovechkin “controller disconnected” gif…

Here’s the Karlsson version on the Holden goal…

When you see a guy of that talent and compete level give up on a play like that, you know he’s not right.

Obligatory Lundqvist Awesomeness Montage

For the second straight game, Lundqvist didn’t have to make a ton of saves, but man did he have some beauties tonight…

Mini Recap

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but THE NEW YORK RANGERS are bullying an opponent. Ottawa is being punished from one end of the ice to the other with zero response until tonight’s game was out of reach. While I’m ecstatic that the series has finally turned a little nasty, what a gutless showing by the Senators waiting until garbage time to finally fight back.

And this dominating style is really breeding confidence with the team as they might be playing their best hockey of the season. All four lines are coming in waves at the Senators, while the defense has really settled down after the disaster that was Game 2. Especially Staal and Holden who have bounced back nicely after a horrific start to the series.

So, what do you do when you can’t convert breakaways?

You find a teammate who can…

Has there ever been a more important goal to put a team up 4-0 than Chris Kreider’s dirty power play tally? Both Kreider and the extra man needed a confidence booster, so hopefully that helped.

It’s been a quiet postseason for Hayes, but we caught a glimpse of what he’s capable of in the first period when he sprung both Grabner and Holden.

I don’t believe in momentum carrying over from one game to the next (if it did, how did the Rangers win Game 3?), but with the Senators limping home licking their wounds, the Rangers must be feeling real good about their game and their chances of taking control of this series.

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10 thoughts on “Rangers 4, Senators 1 (Tied 2-2)

  1. Man look at that rug on Amirante. Nice to see the Rangers win for him since the last time he sang in the playoffs we got demolished 5-0.

    On Glass – Good for him. I’m happy he’s doing well, producing in all aspects, and taking the hate Ranger fans have for him all in stride.

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the game last night as I was tied up at an event but was able to hear the last 6 minutes on the radio. Ottawa are barking up the wrong tree if they want to resort to the “rough stuff”.

    Finally, Kenny and Dave on the radio side took some jabs at the analytical community at the end of the game regarding Glass. It isn’t just about the numbers.


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  2. Was at the game last night, Rangers were all over from the drop of the puck. I know a lot of fans dont like Glass but man watching live, the guy is just a BEAST!! Ottawa had no answers for him or the rest of the team. This team has turned it around just as they did against Montreal. If they want to get physical, funny to say, i think that plays into our strength. Bring it on!! Lets go Rangers….


  3. Call me crazy, but it’s like the team, the entire team, woke up from a coma these past 120 minutes of hockey. Hayes was making plays if not putting pucks in net. Kreider was a net front presence on O, the D kept the crease clear on their end. We scored on fast breaks, on cycled pucks and on dirty, down-ow crease crashing. Welcome back NYR, we’ve missed you!

    It’s becoming habitual, but I have to tip my hat to RangerJesus, TG15. He has played like a monster in the playoffs, sorta like how Boyle would rise up once the post season kicked in.

    Now, why is it that as the tide has turned, NBC is making all kinds of excuses for Karlsson and his micro fractures? Don’t we have a guy with a cantaloupe sized ankle playing night after night, blocking shots as well as delivering brutal checks? 99% sure Dave mentioned they fashioned a special skate for Girardi so he could fit his foot into one. The way NBC et al were talking about Karlsson during games 1 and 2, you’d think he’d take time out from turning water to wine and curing the blind and lepers to heal his own feet. Great player, but c’mon, its the NHL post season, everyone’s banged up, no one cares.

    It all comes down to Saturday. Continue the dominance (as they should) and it’s over on Tuesday. Allow the Sens back in and it’s a coin flip as to which NYR team shows up in MSG. The NYR have been either tied or in the lead for all but 4ish minutes this series, time to shut the front door and close this series out.


  4. When all the hate was coming down on Glass there were a couple guys (where are you McPhee and Picaz) who would defend him and my only response was “if he can play hockey I’m all for it”. Other than that I commented from time to time in his surprising foot speec ( which didn’t go over so well) but starting late last season he started showing us a better game and now he’s managed to play simple using his modest skills properly, using his speed to effectively forecheck and continuing to hit guys hard and he’s becoming a fan favorite now judging from the response from the garden crowd last night. very nice and his comments on fan perspective I totally get. He’s a good guy and good team mate and I’m happy for him. Ottawa looked dead in the water last night. I think we will actually have a game Sat. Though as they start playing desperate in front of their home crowd. We’ll need to match that intensity if we are to avoid going into 2 must win situations. Kudos to AV who I tend to be hard on, that was one of the best coached games IMO of his entire tenure.


    1. Thanks bro. I’m Picaz. I do miss the old blog comment section. Not the same with all the cast of characters…lol.


  5. The Blue print has been laid out… NYR hockey style to win in the P O’s
    Fast -Speed -Quick..to he puck …to the opposition when they have he puck ,
    to each other for support to get the puck out of your zone by chipping it all the way with 3-4 guys on support …
    Ottawa has no asnwer for our game… we can stop them and they cant control or stop us on the offensive… just gotta play out the next 2….
    A V as coach MUST not let any other B S lapses or refocus speeches …
    THis is it … this team this kinda game can beat any one left
    3 power fwd Nash Krieds J T
    3( 1 a) type centers now Step Zbad Hayes
    zucc oscar fast grabs glass all major factors each gm

    D which wasnt chop liver except for 5 min outta 120 found another level
    with shut down play and great wing support …

    HANK 2 goals 2 gms … back on the beam …… L G R


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