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Rangers 8, Oilers 2

The New York Rangers (9-7-1) defeated the Edmonton Oilers (4-9-3) by the score of 8-2, today. For box score go to Yahoo! Sports and newyorkrangers.com.

…i can recap today’s game in two words: Marian Gaborik.

…welcome to the season Alex Frolov.

…first time we saw the real Boogaard. He was throwing bombs against another big tough enforcer.

…EC looks like he wants to stay on a line with Gabby with three assists and a +5.

…nice to see the refs not take a goal away from the Rangers for once (see Anisimov goal).

…anyone still want to tell me Boyle’s not all star?

…cheap shot from Avery, but loved the old school scrum afterward.

…this is going to be a looooong season for Tom Renney.

…Biron looked like he was going to have a tough day after the second goal but kudos to him for toughning up and holding the Oilers scoreless the rest of the way.

…loved the snarl from Staal today. Would love to see him play like that more often.

…more good afternoon periods today than the last three years combined.

…in what should be a much more competitive game the Rangers head to Pittsburgh to face Cindy and the Pens tomorrow.

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