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Rangers Guardian Revealed

Yesterday the NHL revealed the Rangers Guardian superhero aptly named ‘The Ranger’…

“The Ranger is the vigilant protector of Manhattan. He never sleeps, and therefore is a regular in Manhattan’s late night scene, although you’re much more likely to find him in a neighborhood joint than at a trendy nightclub. His personality is as big as the city he protects, but like most New Yorkers there is humility to his bravado. There’s a multi-cultural feel to him that’s directly related to the many different nationalities that inhabit the world’s most populated island.”

This year the NHL has joined forces with SLG Entertainment leader Stan Lee to develop comic superheroes for all 30 NHL teams.

Development for each character came in discussions with each NHL club, so the creators could get a feel for how to incorporate the feel of the team and town into each individual superhero.

…i’m not a big comic book guy so I just don’t get this initiative by the NHL at all. If someone can explain it to me I would appreciate it.

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