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Rangers Lead the League in Hits

Rory Boylen at The Hockey News takes a look at some surprising stats this season including the Rangers leading the league in hits…

“Who is the most physical team in the NHL? The Flyers? Bruins? Flames? How about the New York Rangers. Currently leading the league in hits, the Rangers have finished tops in that category twice in the past three years and were second last season. Ryan Callahan (5-foot-11, 188 pounds) has been the team’s most physical player in recent years, but with him missing time due to injury this season, the team has been able to stay on top thanks to the increased playing time and physicality from 6-foot-7, 252-pound center Brian Boyle. They’re logging just as many hits, but have likely increased the bruises they have applied exponentially.”

The Rangers have 1,522 hits.

…just have to ask. How can this guy can do a story on stats and not tell us how many hits the Rangers were leading the league with? I had to track down the number on my own.

…to the actual number, just further proof of how much of a hard working, tough team the Rangers are this year.

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