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Rangers Not a Good Bang for Their Buck

ESPN.com takes a look at who’s getting the biggest and smallest bangs for their bucks in the NHL.

After comparing teams by player payroll dollars spent per regular-season victory.the Rangers can back as the 21st best (or worst) bang for our buck in the NHL…

21. Rangers – Payroll: $59.93 million, Projected Point: 96, Cost per Point: $624K
Rangers are paying Wade Redden $6.5M — not included in payroll — to play for their farm team in Hartford.

Cap Geek has the Rangers current payroll as $56.65 million making their cost per point $590K.

…great research fellas. Also how can they even mention Wade Redden when he’s not on the team and , as they mention, his salary isn’t included in the payroll.

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