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Rangers Trade Stepan/Raanta to Coyotes for #7 Pick/DeAngelo

The New York Rangers have traded Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta to the Arizona Coyotes for the #7 pick in the 2017 draft and 21-year old defenseman Anthony DeAngelo.

I guess this is what happens when you tell Henrik Lundqvist to relax:

Or steal his playing time…

The moral of the story: Don’t cross Lundqvist.

With Oscar Lindberg being selected by Las Vegas and Stepan being jettisoned to Arizona, the Rangers now have a gaping hole at center. Although, Rangers fans have been complaining about that for years, so…

I kid, Stepan, I kid. Tough to rip on a guy who gave us this amazing moment…

As far as the return, the Rangers have gone from not having a first round pick since the first Bush Administration to having two of them in tonight’s draft. And isn’t it so Rangers for them to finally be in position to draft a top prospect when this year’s draft is supposed to be one of the thinnest talentwise in years.

And what about this DeAngelo guy. He has 59 points in 94 AHL games for a 0.63 PPG. Not bad for a 21-year old defenseman. DeAngelo was a Tampa Bay Lightning first round pick in 2014 and was traded to Arizona the very next season. I wonder why that was. Hmmmmmmm:

Soooooooooo, character issues? DeAngelo is just 21-years old, so some of these incidents happened as an immature teenager, but he needs to prove he’s done some growing up or he won’t be in a Rangers uniform very long. In the meanwhile, let’s just hope he’s not meeting up with John Rocker on the 7 Train anytime soon.

Between the Girardi buyout and this trade, the Rangers now have $20 million in cap space. Plenty of room to upgrade the defense with Kevin Shattenkirk and Brendan Smith and possibly fill one of the center spots with dare I say Joe Thornton.

It’s already gotten crazy in Rangerstown. And it’s just getting started.

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18 thoughts on “Rangers Trade Stepan/Raanta to Coyotes for #7 Pick/DeAngelo

  1. Thorton is too expensive. Move Zib up to 1st line, and find a suitable 2nd or 3rd line center THAT CAN WIN A GODDAMN FACEOFF ONCE I A WHILE (sorry, I’m still bitter) Maybe Trouba.


    1. The real question is: who’s backing the net? Halverson sported a 3.35 and .887, which is a joke. We need a back-up like now.


  2. Kevin I can’t believe that “Lundqvist doing a hit job on Stepan” take is actually taking off! The guys on NHL network even talking it up. Anyway I think the Rangers fans are in for a rude awakening about Step. He was a damn good center. As for Antti, I literally adore the guy but he deserves a chance to be a No 1 and they needed to get something for him so I get making that trade. Let’s hope Gorton finds a 1C hiding in the weeds…


  3. Who is gonna play goalie when Lundqvist sucks for half the year? This is a bad, very bad trade. We lose a number 1 goalie and center who was a plus 19 and 55 points last year for a young nut job dman and a 1st round pick in a draft where there is no premium talent.


  4. I’m not surprised that Stepan was traded, but i did expect that we recieve more than 1st rounder and Di Angelo. (especially with Raanta included).
    I can’t remember how did Gorton did his job in Boston with that much cap space available as it is now.
    I expect Rangers will lay the truck of money to Shattenkirk. I’m also hoping Gorton will be in the hunt for elite centerman. (perhaps Matt Duchene?)
    I have respect for Joe Thornton (even dough he called the Rangers soft years ago) but he is to old. We need to get away from aging stars in decline.

    Stepan, thanks for game 7 OT goal but you can “relax” in Arizona now. For me he was never a true no.1 center


  5. As soon as I saw Step smiling during his exit interview I knew he was gone. The incident with Lundqvist was not the reason he was traded but was our clue to a much bigger problem and I’m as sure as a guy not sitting in that locker room can be that he had lost favor with his team mates. His posture as well as performance both revealed that I believe which is why I’ve been stating my opinions on the matter for a while. As well Step may not fit in as well with the AV speed transition game but yeah, that double overtime winner in Washington game 7 I believe driving to the net cashing in on the Girardi slapped was great and he potted some clutch playoff goals in years past which is why this year’s playoffs puzzled me. I saw him driving to the net maybe twice in 12 games? Expect him to become a decent player once again for a new team. In other news I’m so freakin bummed we lost Oscar. Shyte… but the good news is we still have our speedster Grabs who was probably our biggest impact player last season, if not for the 27 goals then for the fact he’s a breakaway threat every time he’s on the ice…ugh, this is getting long. I miss hockey!!!!


  6. Much needed relief : Steps deal iis looking like Callys …Oscar hurts ,he is solid & getting better… “Ce la Vie” I see Staal in a deal for the top D man we need still ..please no Shatty
    J T may be surprise center when smoke clears
    Smith ..sign em asap
    Top center options ? please dont mention ole man thornton… A V & speed ? No F’in way
    serious i am looking for a top center in the making who can get swept into NYR land
    what are F A’s looking like …..
    more i look i dont see much
    Statsny ? may be at right price ?
    trades are hard for centers ….
    what are we gonna do ?


    1. i vote for panic. center wise? idk. AV is going to have to make some changes on how he deploys youth though thats for sure. not sure how capable he is of change especially when it comes to that.


  7. step played his way out of town. that july 1 deadline was either looming large over his head or he didn’t think about it at all. oh well, that sucks. he was my favorite ranger for a long time. anybody could see this coming from a mile away though. now he’s in the dessert with an untradable contract with a team that isn’t going to even be close to be contending for a cup in the next 5 years. that rantaa inclusion surprised me as well. both for the 7th pick (that was used on a possible jesper fast type player) and a kid with a seemingly shitty attitude. but, cap space. and future cap space to resign key RFAs. “rebuild on the fly” is what the GM called. i wonder how hank feels about that (given that his window is closing…not that he could get gorton fired lol…heard that hank angle start on XM radio several days back, jokingly though). miller back to center? chad johnson back to the rangers? anybody see that tj oshie contract? if he, as a winger is getting that much at age 30, whats shattenkirk going to fetch as a right handed D at age 28 on the open market?


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