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Senators 4, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (42-17-7) lost to the Ottawa Senators (36-25-8) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a boxscore and recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

…not enough offense and too many turnovers has become a frightening theme for this Rangers team lately. Not ready to panic yet as every team goes through funks and this is the Rangers first real one this season. But talk to me at this time tomorrow night and I might be singing a different tune.

…the power play is effin killing them right now.

…if Biron can figure out how to play well in the first period the Rangers might have a chance in his starts.

…wow, did Kenny Albert jinx Bickel or what? Although his stat was wrong because Bickel was on the ice for Kovalchuk’s goal Tuesday night.

…Richards looking more and more like Gomez every game.

…why Prust? Why?

…since the Dubinsky injury the Rangers haven’t looked like the same team.

…you think any team in the Eastern Conference is afraid of the Rangers right now? Me neither.

…Del Zotto might want to get his body on the guy going to the net instead of just standing there and watching.

…Girardi is a -6 in his last five games. Those 30+ minute games earlier in the season aren’t looking so smart now.

…how awkward was it watching Scott lumber in on the breakaway?

…when Fedotenko has your team’s best scoring chances you know you’re in trouble offensively.

…right back at it tomorrow night in Chicago.

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