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Senators 5, Rangers 4, OT (Sens 3-2)

The New York Rangers lost to the Ottawa Senators by the score of 5-4 in overtime of Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semi-Final match-up. Ottawa leads the series 3-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1st Goat – 3 p.m. starts (I blame the early faceoff for the collapses)

2nd Goat – A Rangers two-goal lead in the postseason (The most dangerous lead in hockey)

3rd Goat – Puck luck (bad bounces on both game tying and winning goals)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

I feel like we’ve done this before. If you agree, grab yourself a cold Deja Vu.

I Got Nothing

Rangers personnel for game tying goal:



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27 thoughts on “Senators 5, Rangers 4, OT (Sens 3-2)

  1. Kevin I still can’t fall asleep because that last 2 minutes keeps playing on a loop in my brain. What the actual f*** is preventing this team from closing out these games? Once is understandable, but 3 times?? Good lord. The only way we win this series is if Hank gives up no more than 1 goal in the last 2. And Stepan telling him to relax made my brain explode…


    1. Stepan had a miserable game from what I could see. Hopefully Hank told him to shut up and start playing hockey


    2. So depressing. Rangers always play well with their back’s up against the wall, so let’s hope they can get this back to Ottawa for a Game 7.


  2. This is a team that plays its worse hockey when Things are going right and it’s best hockey when their backs are up against the wall. We had them up against the ropes ready to deliver the knock out blow and simply let them go. Somewhere, somehow, someone besides us, like, you know…. uh.. the coaching staff? Needs to address the issue of “killer instinct” and how this team sorely lacks it. There is absolutely no reason they should have put themselves in a position for luck to dictate their fate today. How many times will it take to learn? We had them ripe for the taking and instead of exploiting them we took off the pressure and let them find their game. But I have to say we actually weren’t too sharp to begin with and after the 1st 5 minutes I was worried about Hank… you can’t expect anyone to be on top of their game every night, including a professional team and it’s up to the coaching staff actually to have situational awareness and formulate strategies accordingly… all the more reason to press hard when we had the advantage and not let up…UGH… but because of the flip side of this schizoid team we’ll likely play out best hockey Tues. and our chances are still looking good to take the series. BTW I watched the Pitts-Caps game and after the Caps grabbed the lead 2 goal lead in the 3rd they continued to send 3 guys in and force the play…ahem…..no matter what you do you risk losing a lead whether you give up an odd man rush or stop playing offense but you give yourself the best chance of winning by doing the same thzings that got you the lead but we on the other hand change our style and sit back… and even in the OT we looked like we were playing too cautious defensively. Yes bad luck but we put ourselves in that Position. For what it’s worth the Pens looked pretty mortal tjat game and should help get our players excited for a potential next round.


    gm 5 3-3- 3 per iod to go …
    all i can say is HANK ??? HANK???? who is showing up for 3rd period…
    1st goal from giving puck to OTT guy in corner to juggling rebound in chest to
    61 picking it up .. 1st goal
    3rd goal ..slight deflect and it paryalized him to 5 hole dribbler with stick at his side ??? W T F just put stick down in defense mind posture & you save it

    anyway i see us winning the 3rd period & game …. L G R
    – Dundee13

    Hank HAN han
    you may have costed the series on the puck luck bounce that u whiffed on with your glove…Off Smiths skate & right there to just stop not even pick up ..just stop its fwd momentum and you blew it……

    DRAMA -here it comes in spades ……. L G R


  4. AV fired …was he on the ice ? man must be ready to see a voodoo DR. to shake this curse of finishing games
    Staal 1 of 5 ON ICE …we have seen Mac & Gman Smith Holden Shey
    Oh thats all of them i have seen them blow it with anyone on the ice ..
    W T F is Staal is singled out for?? haters hate
    seeya for gm 7 cause thats where it is going… no way this stops at the garden
    the soap opera …”AS the sstomach turns “…continues tues 7pm….L G R


  5. These 2 defeats in Ottawa were maybe the most deflating I’ve experienced since becoming a fan in the ’70s (and I thought I’ve seen it all). I was expecting the Sens to score as we were backing up late in the 3rd period. Killer Instinct? We have none. That killer instinct is instilled by good coaching. AV has to go. This happened in Vancouver and now here. Holy crap Stepan andKreider have been awful as well. Big changes needed.


  6. Absolute horrendous player management by coach dumbass. How in the world can everyone but the coach see how pitiful Staal is. Does that change the outcome, nobody knows but let’s win or lose with our best on the ice. How about using your time out and getting your top players on the ice. Not coach dumbass. Was Stepan playing for the Senators yesterday? It looked that way to me. He passed it to them more than to his teammates. Hockey sense., I think not. He has as much of that as he has hair. Kreider is a total head case along with our top 6 who are really are bottom 6 as they accomplish nothing. Imagine with all that we should have won this series already either 4-0 or 4-1. How bad are the Senators? How bad is our coach and management?
    Great to be a Ranger fan!!


    1. For the coaching staff it should always be about playing the percentages and giving yourself the best chance to win, having situational experience and Knowing every game is a whole new experience. This is a game of inches and no matter what you may always get burned but whether it comes to personnel, alignment or whatever play the fucking percentages. I could see Ottawa started the game nervous and shaky so the coach got to tell the ten to press and press hard and not give an inch, pinch and force errors but instead of going up 3 or 4-0 we let up and surrendered a very pivotal goal. Then I could see our goalie was not as sharp as usual and the team was a bit off their game fanning on shots and missing the passes so once the damamge was done and we allowed them to settle in and find their game I would have played a more defensive simple forechecking style… and this isn’t hind sight. It’s what I was thinking as it was all unfolding. Then near the end I saw that their star defenseman was hurting.. of course we all know that and that Neal was sitting and their bench was shoertened so I would have played a more aggressive style to wear them down in he event of an OT, sending guys in to pinch and trying to hem them up in their zone and force the play to try to get that insurance goal, and then again n overtime knowing they would wear down first but instead they tried to sit on the lead sending only 1 or 2 guys in on the forecheck then played too careful in the OT rather than aggressive nullifying our advantage as he team rolling 4 lines With less fatigue, then of course like you said personnel decisions. These are all things I was noting as the action unfolded and none of this would have guaranteed a win of course but it’s having situational awareness and playing he percentages which seems to be a lost art in this league and our coach appears to be guiltier than most. anyway just some nerdy comments to add to your observations


      1. *situational awareness (not experience) near the top, o hate that you can’t edit on this format


  7. Bad news: Boucher announced that Sens will play entire game with 6 skaters and no goalie.

    Good news: Step has guaranteed Game 6 victory.


  8. Way over the top review to losing 5-4 ..almost a conspiracy theory review…
    maybe it was the quality of the toilet paper used …..
    Cmon..can u spell H AN K …he spit the bit ,choked when we needed NOt a super human effort but a real good one….
    1st goal with all momentum on our side he pushes a puck to the corner to the Ott player ..O K shot comes in and HANK swallows it for a face off…NOOOOO
    he bobbles & drops puck right in front and puck luck kick & BANG in the net …
    Different gm from there …
    2nd goal ..legit Vesey misses the wing and goes to the puck on the changes
    BANG in the Net .. NOT Hanks fault BUT what was his % on shots he can see
    3rd goal ;Excuse me …didnt look ready for a semi screened re directed shot He’s upright ,stick at side not in defensive posture protecting the puck coming towards net …
    4th goal . Cmon.. how many combos of players have we seen blow it and not protect lead … rediculous to point out Staal is on the ice ? they have all been on the ice it still happens and this one HANK coulda got… as puck was coming off Smiths skate ,Hanks glove gets to it but he misses it and it trickles over the line…..
    game winner : % of shots seen & stopped was blown tonite …. right thru him
    I guessed he was elevating puck …. Turris said he almost flubbed it …5 hole ?

    Gms 3 & 4 team won not HANK .. If Hank dosnt find it or play better than ANderson … we will lose it maybe not home …expect big effort … but thurs
    in Ott. Cmon HANK you are the one variable we didnt thinkwould come into play
    Lets go HAnk…. Lets go Rangers


  9. Game 6.

    Buch or Glass? Or does Coach Dumbass think Pirri/Puempel/Random_Wolfpack_Call-up is the missing link now?

    Step, Hayes, Miller, really making it tough to be a fan, Kreider too but slightly less so. This team is by far the better team, but they don’t play 60 minutes and Ottawa does. I really thought they broke through and “got it” in game 4, proving game 3 was not a fluke.

    I’m not sure I get how Neil was an inspiration, other than for some unknown reason we didn’t play a fraction of how physical we were the two games prior, and the goon wasn’t even on the ice for more than half of the game. Besides, we had the Dartmouthian Wonder, Tanner F-ing Glass in case we needed a shot of grit.

    They countered our move and we didn’t re-counter. The coaching is abysmal, but the players on the ice still have to play the game. Everyone is to blame.


  10. Again fail. This is depressing, another lost lead at the end of the game. What can i say more? Everyone is at fault, but vignealut is in the fron row. How the hell is skjei benched in the final 5 minutes? AGAIN?? I’ll rather swallow mistake from young Skjei then blind pirate who completely lost his game over the years. Like kevin said: deja vu. Staal and girardi are not good nhl players, and need to be gone in the near future. I’m scared, Rangers are a better team but if you can’t close out a game 3 times and get scored on than maybe we are not that good of a team.


    1. If we were going to get rid of Hank, it should have been when we could have kept Cam.

      As for tonight, I am hoping Ottowa rests on the fact that they have one more at home where they seem to win no matter how they play and the Sens just don’t push hard tonight. A game 7 there would be a wild one.


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