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Staal Discusses Concussion Recovery

Jesse Spector at the Sporting News has Marc Staal’s first hand account of his concussion recovery…

“In the spring, I would wake up and feel groggy, have a headache now and then. I wasn’t dizzy. I was functional. I wasn’t playing great, I was playing OK. It was one of those things trying to get through it and play through it. I learned my lesson that you don’t play through something like that and it’s not going to benefit you at all.

I had bad headaches, and my ears were ringing constantly. Those were the two biggest things. Your motivation goes away—I didn’t want to go to the gym, didn’t really want to do anything. That was the hardest part. I’d still do things, but not really feel it.”

Staal says he didn’t realize he had a concussion when he was first hit by his brother Eric last year and if he knew then what he knows now he wouldn’t have come back so soon.

For the rest of Staal’s account click here.

…very scary stuff from Staal. Can’t believe he came back last season feeling the way he did. I have to ask, where were the Rangers trainers? Shouldn’t they have been monitoring him better?

…even watching Staal now I’m not 100% convinced he’s fully healed from the concussion. I know he’s missed half the season, but you’d think he’d be further along with his conditioning by now.

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