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Stars Blogger: Richards Will Be OK

Yesterday I asked Luther Xue of Stars of Big D if he along with other Stars fans are worried about Brad Richards concussion being a problem going forward and here is his response…

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@TheNYRBlog He only took a slight elbow to head. Nothing as vicious as other concussion sufferers (Crosby,etc…). He’ll be ok for next yearless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

He also said in a separate tweet that Richards didn’t look anywhere near as sharp in March after his return from the concussion, but played well in final games.

…the Richards concussion has been a major source of concern for many Rangers fans. While I’m one of those fans that is alarmed I think it may be getting blown a bit out of proportion. Just ask yourself this, how many people have you heard worrying about Gaborik’s concussion going forward? Exactly.

…having said that, I stick by my statement that the Rangers should not go beyond four years or they could have another Chris Drury on their hands towards the end of that contract.

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