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Surreal Time for TheNYRBlog

I’ve done some pretty amazing things since creating The New York Rangers Blog, including raising $7,000 in memory of Derek Boogaard and making a serious run at getting Sean Avery into the All Star Game. But every once in a while something happens that gives me a moment of pause and that happened this morning.

I opened up the Wall Street Journal and there it was, a quote of mine being used in an article on the Rangers….

If only it were so simple. In truth, Rangers general manager Glen Sather and the rest of the team’s player-personnel staff have to weigh whether making a play for Nash is worth the risk of ruining what could be the franchise’s first championship season since 1994—and of angering the team’s fan base in the process. After Nash scored a game-tying goal Sunday in the Rangers’ 3-2 overtime victory over Columbus, the crowd at Madison Square Garden began chanting, “WE DON’T WANT YOU!” That anti-trade sentiment is nothing against Nash, said Kevin DeLury, who writes about the team at NYRangersBlog.com. “It comes down to Rangers fans not wanting management to mess with the current chemistry of the team.”


I’m nothing more than a fan, just like the almost ten thousand readers who visit this site daily. So to see my thoughts on my beloved Rangers in a publication as prestigious as the Wall Street Journal is a very humbling experience.

I want all of you to share in this accomplishment as this blog is just as much yours as it is mine. Without my readers this blog would have shut down years ago, so thank you.

Also a big time thanks to Mike Sielski at the Wall Street Journal.

And one more thing…Stay the course Glen, stay the course.

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