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The Elephant in the Room aka Boogaard’s Contract

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog tackles the very uncomfortable situation of what Derek Boogaard’s death means to the Rangers cap situation…

“Perhaps the most awkward query of the day was the last one, as I just learned that, as you might expect, the remaining three years on Boogaard’s contract do not count against the salary cap. It turns out that under the CBA, death is the same as retirement from a salary cap standpoint – according to the NHLPA, had Boogaard been over 35 years old when he signed his contract, the rest of the contract would have remained in effect against the cap.”

…i feel almost dirty bringing the cap issue up, but it’s a question every Rangers fan has on their mind and I felt it was my responsibility to bring it to you. Also with Spector releasing it first it made it a little easier for me.

…i’ll stop at this though, not the time to talk about what the Rangers could or should do with the additional cap space.

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