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TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey League Update

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated everyone on TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey League. I’m going to give you the top two teams in each 10-team division and their top forward, defenseman and goaltender point-wise…

Messier Division:
1st – Zissou (F Sharp, D Brent Burns and G Lundqvist) – 79.5 pts.

1st – GetTheFrolovMatteau (F Ovechkin, D Byfuglien and G Quick) – 79.5 pts.

FYI, I’m in last place with an embarassing 22.5 pts.

Leetch Division:
1st – Fire Sather (F St. Louis, D Jack Johnson and G Hiller) – 85 pts.

2nd – Strader Invaders (F Stamkos, D Byfuglien and G Quick) – 83 pts.

Gilbert Division:
1st – Spring of ’94 (F Kesler, D Byfuglien, and G Quick) – 90.5 pts.

2nd – Scotch and Cigars (F H. Sedin, D Letang and G Thomas) – 73 pts.

Richter Division:
1st – Bring back Jagr (F Semin, D Letang and G Thomas) – 74.5 pts.

2nd – Glen Sather (F D. Sedin, D Goligoski and G Luongo) – 72 pts.

2nd – Large Marge Sent Me (F Brad Richards, D Weber, G Hiller) – 72 pts.

Giacomin Division:
1st – The Greeks (F Daniel Sedin, D Goligoski and G Thomas) – 91 pts.

2nd – RollinAFatGreenDubi (F Stamkos, D Letang and G Pavelec) – 73 pts.

Bathgate Division:
1st – MS G-Unit (F D. Sedin, D Lidstrom and G Luongo) – 85 pts.

2nd – BK Beanie (F Stamkos, D Yandle and G Quick) – 84.5 pts.

Graves Division:
1st – Jim Dolan All-Stars (F Crosby, D Seabrook and G Pavelec) – 85.5 pts.

2nd – Theo Fleury’s Dealer (F Sharp, D Liles and G Thomas) – 80.5 pts.

Howell Division:
1st – BLUESHIRTS (F Kelser, D Liles and G Thomas) – 81.5 pts.

2nd – TapeOnTheFoil (F Crosby, D Byfuglien and G Vokoun) – 79.5 pts.

…very competitive and exciting so far. Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.