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There Better Be A Bounty on Lucic’s Head

All I have to say is there better be a New Orleans Saints-like bounty on Milan Lucic’s head for his cheap shot hit from behind on Ryan McDonagh at the buzzer or I will be pissed. Hell, I’ll even contribute to the reward…

Since the Rangers likely can’t count on Brendan “I do nothing to take dangerous plays out of the game” Shanahan to hand out proper justice, I better see Rupp, Scott and Bickel making life miserable for Lucic during the Rangers next and final match-up against the Bruins on April 1st.

And I’m not talking just fighting Lucic, I want elbows, buttends and slashes on this guy all game long.

The Rangers will have the Eastern Conference’s #1 seed locked up by then so taking a bunch of retaliatory penalties that might cost them the game will be irrelevant.

On the play, McDonagh’s face hit the dasher causing a laceration on his right cheek.

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