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Torts Happy With Moral Victories for Power Play

When asked after last night’s 4-3 loss to Chicago about the Rangers power play John Tortorella said this

“Had some chances, shot the puck. Had a couple of really good chances in there. Just didn’t go in. But it’s been much better the last few.”

The Rangers haven’t scored a power play goal since February 24th against the Islanders and are 0 for 18 in that span.

…has the power play gotten so bad that Torts is happy with moral victories?

…i’m sorry, you can’t say the power play has been “much better” until after they score a couple. Hell, at least wait for them to score even one.

…there is more than enough firepower on the power play so there is no excuse for it to be this dreadful. I’ve said this for over a year now, get Brian Boyle’s big body in front of the net and start firing away from the point. Fixed!

…at least the Rangers play the Islanders tomorrow, who apparently are the only team they can score a power play goal against.

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