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Torts Speech Best Part of HBO 24/7 Episode II

By far the best part of Episode II of HBO 24/7 was John Tortorella’s first intermission speech in St. Louis with the Rangers trailing 2-0 after the opening period. Here’s the transcript courtesy of ESPN.com

“I asked you to f—— defend, I’ve seen you f—— defend before and you’re going to do it here. If that’s how we’re going to battle, we’re not going to have a chance to win. Jesus Christ, how much time do we have to talk about it? If that’s all the juice we have as far as competing against that team, we will get killed tonight. And we have two periods here. So I’ve asked you all to buy into how we have to play. If that’s it, we’re f——- done. Pack it up! I know this f—— team isn’t that way. I’ve seen ya! We have 40 f—— minutes to go. Take each shift at a time and chip away. They are not that good in their end zone. And we know our club, that’s the biggest f—— positive is how hard we play. So f—— screw it on straight here. Screw it on and let’s be ready to go each shift at a time. Stiffen up here. Everybody. But I’ll tell you, if you’re not going to be stiff, you’re not going to play. I’m warning you all. This is contest here that’s a good test for us for where we are right now. … Let’s see what we are against a stiff hockey team. Let’s be ready to go here now. C’mon.”


To me Torts was the star of the episode as we also got to see his softer side with the Garden of Dreams kid Liam (btw, didn’t expect to have tears watching 24/7. First Cally’s grandmother last week and now this kid. Killin’ me HBO) as well as his coaching skills during the film session (Second best part of the episode. “He’s (Eminger) ugly as hell).

…don’t think I can ever say anything bad about Torts again after that Liam segment. Great stuff coach.

And then there was Torts’ thumb nail…

…big time thanks to reader Desmond L. for getting me the screen grab.

For my disappointments and the Flyers side of things click the “Read More” tab below.

One disappointment I had was HBO failing to document the conversations on the Rangers bench during the goal review in Phoenix. Big time fail. The #AveryArmy was also teased when HBO began to focus on Sean Avery being a healthy scratch but quickly dropped the issue without further insight into why that decision has been made.

On the Flyers side, we found out that Ilya Bryzgalov is into bestiality and Peter Laviolette isn’t exactly fond of playing in Montreal (video via Puck Daddy)…

…is it wrong that I’m starting to love Laviolette? His “Montreal typical” quote is epic. 

And finally, where the heck is Sather?

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