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We’re Coming for You Cry Baby

Looks like the Rangers are listening (via New York Times)…

Brian Boyle…

“Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for him that he’s healthy. But our mentality cannot change and it will not change. When we play against Crosby, we have to play him hard.”

Carl Hagelin…

“It’s always fun to go up against the best player. We just have to make sure all our emotion is in the right place and it doesn’t lead to us taking penalties. We have to treat every guy like we treat everyone else — get in their face, block shots, hit them hard and clean.”

Marian Gaborik…

“It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t played in a while, or even if he’s not 100 percent, he’s Sidney Crosby. Any time he steps on the ice, we have to be ready for him. It’s a very important game for us.”

…while the above pic is obviously a joke, it’s great to hear the Rangers aren’t going to letup on Crosby, because he will make them pay time and time again. He’s too good to be worrying about possibly injuring him. Got to play him straight up and hope he doesn’t have a setback.

…yes, I said I hope he doesn’t have a setback. While I despise Crosby and his cry baby ways, he is an amazing talent and the game of hockey is better off with him participating.

…h/t to reader @rebelprincessny.

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