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Why Am I Getting a Pop Up?

I’ve heard from a few of you, including my father, that you’re getting a pop up every time you log onto the blog.

The reason for this is that some of the ads on the blog are video ads using flash player. If you don’t have flash player downloaded on your computer you’ll get this pop up.

The way to stop it from happening (at least this is how I stopped it for my father) is on the first pop up hit continue and then when the second message pops up hit options and then you’ll see three options to either download flash player, don’t download flash player or notify me every time flash player is available to download. Most likely the notify me option is selected so you just change it to either download flash player if you want to download or don’t download if you don’t.

That should stop the annoying pop ups some of you are getting. If this is confusing or you need further explanation e-mail me at nyrfan94@yahoo.com.

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