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Jason Heyward Benched

The Atlanta Braves made a big trade for Michael Born at the deadline in a move to add more speed to the lineup but, its the play of a different 27 year old speedy outfielder who has displaced Jason Heyward at least temporarily. Jose Constanza was promoted last week and has proceeded to hit .401. With Chipper Jones coming off injury and returning to the starting lineup, Martin Prado moves back to Left Field and Braves Manager Fredi Gonzalez has been forced to chose between the hot hand and the struggling Heyward. Fredi chose Constanza.

Most people are unaware of how much Heyward has struggled this year. He’s hitting just .221 with 29 RBI and a measly .313 OBP while hitting mostly in the 6 and 2 spots in the order. Many scouts have said that Hayward’s swing is messed up and that injuries may be to blame but, its still shocking to see the uber talented 21 year old benched for performance based reasons.

I don’t expect this to be a constant thing but as long as Jose Constanza (no relation to George from Seinfeld) is hitting over .400 (even by a point) expect to see him in the lineup.

STAT OF THE DAY: The much maligned Yankees starting rotation sports the 2nd best ERA in the AL. The Reds are now closer to the Cubs in the standings than the NL Central leading Brewers.

-Sean Morash

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