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2012 Senior Bowl: Wednesday Daily Notes

Russell WilsonIt was a VERY busy day for me on Wednesday, with both practices, press conference quotes, and most importantly, watching additional film in the film room with the NFL scouts.

On that film room note, I got a chance to see every meaningful drill rep of the past two days in my time in there, so they’re may not be a single person who’s seen more Senior Bowl practices than myself other than NFL teams.  So be sure to check out those notes and more in Wednesday’s Daily Notes.

Quarterback Stat Analysis
-While the Senior Bowl is maybe the best chance to throw away stats, I did a little bit of statisical anaylsis on the quarterbacks. Here was the experiement: I would see, from Day 2 and Day 3, team and 7 on 7 drills, how many reads each quarterback made off the snap and if they were the correct read/incorrect read/good read, bad throw. Here are the results:

Russell Wilson: 1.9 reads, 70% throwing the correct read, 15% wrong read (didn’t make incorrect read all of Day 2)
Brandon Weeden: 1.6 reads, 65% throwing the correct read (only once made correct read with poor throw)
Kirk Cousins: 1.5 reads, 40% throwing the correct read (5 throws that were either poor throws or route communication errors)
Ryan Lindley: 1.5 reads, 30% throwing the correct read (40% of the time was the wrong read, mostly thanks to pressure in pocket and panicking)
Kellen Moore: 1.2 reads, 20% throwing the correct read (that includes one “sack”, which is a sack that he caused by indecisiveness, not by pressure)
Nick Foles: 1.2 reads, 40% throwing the correct read, but “sacked” FOUR times due to indecisiveness.

So, what can we make out of this? Well, as I watched the film, Russell Wilson had a fantastic week, placing the ball well, scanning the field, using his eyes to move safties/cornerbacks, and overall showed some great field awareness. Brandon Weeden had a very good week and part of his lack of great numbers were from having 1-2 less throws (for whatever reason) than the other quarterbacks. Kirk Cousins seems, on film, like after one read, he’s throwing to that second guy or bust, which isn’t good for NFL teams. Ryan Lindley actually can make the reads, but was far too flustered under pressure and overall innaccurate to say he had a good week. Nick Foles is far too indecisive and needs that rhythm, timing offense he had in college, while Kellen Moore anticipated pre-snap all week and seemed to realize that he couldn’t drive the ball down the field on a second read in the NFL.