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2013 NFL Draft: Greg Reid Dismissed from Florida State

Greg ReidGreg Reid hasn’t been an “ideal citizen” for Jimbo Fisher and the Florida State program. After two arrests (one dropped) in less than a year, the latest one just a month ago, the school has found reason to dismiss Reid from the football team.

Reid, set to be the team’s feature cornerback and punt returner, had legit NFL Draft hopes of the top three rounds come April, especially with a big season this year. However, with an arrest and likely a transfer down to a smaller school, it’ll be an uphill climb for Reid to get back in good graces with NFL scouts.

According to TomahawkNation.com, Reid was dismissed for a violation of team rules, though it seems those “team rules” were similar to the “criminal rules”, as his recent arrest was likely the cause for concern for the Florida State team. Not only was he arrested for multiple traffic violations, but he was driving with a suspended license and was in possession of marijuana.

Generally, not all arrests can be considered “harmful” to a prospects evaluation. Arrests don’t always mean bad influences. And marijuanna doesn’t always mean a “problem”. However, for Reid, this being his second arrest and the irresponsibility to both drive on a license which he was not allowed and possessing marijuanna when he already had gotten in trouble recently is more of a lack of maturity.

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Despite only being 5’8, Reid’s quickness, fluidity, and aggression to the ball in air had him as our #8 overall senior cornerback for the 2013 NFL Draft, that including his past arrest. Along with his ball skills and quickness, he is among the best returners in all of college football, and likely would be #1 or #2 in our returner rankings for the 2013 draft. Finding athletes as quick and exciting as Reid aren’t easy, even for his size.

As a cornerback, he likely would have been relegated to nickel cornerback duty in the NFL, but he has the fluidity to cover quicker slot receivers (Wes Welker, Davone Bess, Antonio Brown for example) effecitively with more coaching. And while he hasn’t improved all that much fundamentally in the past two seasons, there still is reason for growth for the prospect. Now however, it seems he’ll need to get that coaching elsewhere.
The most likely next step for Reid is to transfer down to an FCS or D2 school. With his home town being Valdosta, Ga, Valdosta State at the D2 level maybe has the inside track right now. Northern Alabama has been home to many transfer downs in the past, most notably Janoris Jenkins, also at the D2 level. And at the FCS level, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Jackson State, and Alabama A&M all have experience with transfers and are relatively close to Reid’s home in Valdosta, Ga.

While it’s unclear where he may end up to end his college career, but he’ll need to make up a lot of ground in the eyes of the NFL if he hopes to reclaim his once promising NFL draft dreams by late April.

UPDATE: August 3rd
Brandon Leak of Sports Radio 680 in Atlanta reported that Greg Reid will be transferring to Valdosta State.