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2013 Shrine Game: East Roster Stock Up/Down, Highest Rated, and “Starting Rosters”

Terron ArmsteadThe East roster may as well had been the “Small School” roster, as they studs from the game mostly came from the non-FBS level of prospects. If you haven’t followed along, Terron Armstead, David Bass, and Cooper Taylor are some names to catch-up on.

Check here for the players who moved up boards, who moved down boards, the Top 5 prospects on the East roster, and the starting line-ups if I was picking it for the game.

Who Was HELPED The Most
David Bass, DE, Missouri Western State
One of the more impressive performances this week considering few if any media/many NFL scouts had taken a long look at him. Bass was the most active, the quickest off the snap and in his pass rush pursuit, and the most consistently dominating defender all week. While the offensive line wasn’t great here, him standing out in every drill and rep has pushed him far past the “late round sleeper” level.

Brandon McGee, CB, Miami (FL)
Coming into this week, the knock on McGee had been inconsistent footwork, lack of developed improvement over his career, and relying on his athleticism seemingly too much. However, after a spotty first day, McGee showed more decisive footwork in his back pedal, breaking on routes cleanly (utilizing his smooth hips), and made plays on the ball all week. He’s more “possible impact player” than “project” now.

Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond
Another small schooler on the East roster, Taylor drew praise all week from coaches. The 6’4, 230+ pound long and well-built safety showed the range, explosive cuts, and read/react ability to intrigue as a strong safety who can pick-up RBs/TEs well at the next level. That’s a skill set in high demand, and if Taylor’s medicals check out, he could move into the mid to high round discussion.

Who Was HURT The Most
Collin Klein, QB, Kansas State
Unfortunately for Klein, he couldn’t do nearly enough to show teams he’s worth the project at quarterback. His mechanics are almost beyond saving, his arm doesn’t match-up to what NFL teams need, and outside of zone read plays, he really didn’t look comfortable all week. Hopefully he’s open to other positions, because that might be necessary for his NFL position.

Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
Davis came into the week as likely the highest rated receiver (and one of the highest players overall) at the event. And with his natural size and ideal body type, he looked as though he would impress. But he struggled more than any receiver I’ve ever seen to track the ball vertically, struggled with getting separation on in-breaking routes at times, and had inconsistent hands all week.

RJ Dill, OT, Rutgers
Dill has ample NFL size and length, but he’s simply too stiff and lacks the lateral quickness to play left tackle at the next level. Maybe right tackle will be an issue as well, because he struggles immediately when a quicker rusher can use his hands to adjust inside or out. And he may be too tall and highly-built to play guard.


Top Five Highest Rated After This Week
1. Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas Pine-Bluff (2nd Round)
-I would say Armstead was a “riser”, but I FULLY expected him to impress this week, and even said as much that when he does, he’ll be in the 2nd round discussion (see Preview here ). He’s done that now, and in a fairly week offensive line class in the 2nd-3rd round, he should be  trendy pick as a LT prospect or a mobile interior OL.

2. Sio Moore, OLB, UConn (3rd Round)
-Moore impressed even more than I expected as a weakside linebacker, and with his upside in both coverage and (most importantly) as a rusher, he could go even higher than the 3rd round.

3. David Bass, Missouri Western State (4th Round)
-Sleeper no more, Bass has certainly impressed me enough to feel he’s worth a selection for a 3-4 rushing team (especially) in the mid rounds. 4th round may be a bit high, but he’ll test well at the Combine as well.

4. Brandon McGee, Miami (FL) (4th Round)
-High upside with his hips and footspeed along with a better-than-expected week in St. Pete, and McGee should be in the 3rd-4th round discussion come draft day.

5. Ray Graham, Pittsburgh (4th -5th Round)
-Injuries and prior character concerns need to check out, but Graham’s explosiveness, burst, and lateral agility should be enough for a team to, at the very least, strongly consider in the mid-late rounds, and potentially much earlier.

“Starting Rosters” Based on This Week Alone

QB – Nathan Stanley, SE Louisiana

RB – Ray Graham, Pittsburgh

WRs – Rodney Smith, Florida State ; Emory Blake, Auburn

TE – DC Jefferson, Rutgers

OTs – Terron Armstead, Arkansas Pine-Bluff ; Mark Jackson, Glenville State

OGs – Earl Watford, James Madison ; Garth Heikkinen, Minnesota-Duluth

OCs  – TJ Johnson, South Carolina

DEs – David Bass, Missouri Western State ; Mike Catapano, Princeton

DTs – Izaan Cross, Georgia Tech ; Scott Vallone, Rutgers

LBs –  Sio Moore, UConn ; Gerald Hodges, Penn State ; Robert McCabe, Georgetown

CBs – Brandon McGee, Miami (FL) ; Branden Smith, Georgia

Safs – Cooper Taylor, Richmond ; Earl Wolff, NC State