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2014 NFL Draft: Scouting Notes from Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech

Jeremiah AttaochuThis Thursday night contest featured two strong defenses, resulting in a low scoring affair. GT offense had an early turnover (Kyle Fuller making plays) resulting in a quick TD by V-Tech but after that both teams settled into a good old fashion war of field position. As always, GT move the ball through small running plays, although they were able to pass for large chunks of yardage. V-Tech’s offense focused on quick pass plays to get Logan Thomas going and neutralize GT pass rush (Jeremiah Attaochu). Thomas looked good at executing a very simple game plan, which may ultimately be his ceiling. V-Tech won due to the play of its defense which features multiple players expected to play on Sunday.

Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (#45), 6’3, 240
For as noticeable as Attaochu was last week, he was the opposite this week. Didn’t disrupt the V-Tech passing game much, although their focus on 3-step drop play may have been because of his ability. Only had 3 tackles on the day, including bringing down Thomas short of the first down marker on a 3rd down scramble. This game didn’t little to change my mid-1st Round grade of Attaochu. V-Tech’s play calling neutralized him more than any player which is what happens to impact players.

Louis Young, CB, Georgia Tech (#8), 6’1, 196
Quiet game from Young as he wasn’t thrown at much. Virginia Tech focused on throwing ball inside more and Young’s coverage was to the outside. Got beat on a 3rd down play where he was in position but didn’t get his body turned around. Had a couple of miscues in tackling as he had trouble getting off blocks downfield as well as taking bad angles on outside runs. Didn’t stand out much on film so I’ll want to see more from him. 

Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (#3), 6’6, 257
Thomas had his best game of the season and definitely improved on his stats, however he didn’t improve his stock much. While his completion percentage was high, it was due to the fact that he threw most of his passes with 5 yards of LOS. Most of the passing yardage was YAC by his WRs. Threw a couple of balls downfield well, but locked onto one WR on the snap. Needs to works on going through progressions more, still have concerns with his ability to throw accurately downfield. This game was definitely an improvement though, hopefully he can build on it. 

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James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech (#99), 6’4, 253
Gayle’s biggest strength continues to be his ability to just do his job. The unique offense of Georgia Tech plays right into this strength. Gayle constantly got his body in the right position where he could take out the QB and eliminate the pitch. Showed great sue of hands, especially on a pass rush against a RB. Not a flashy player but he gets the job done. Feels like a classic high-ceiling, low-floor type of guy.

Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech (#17), 6’0, 189
uller made a big impression in this game. Played the WHIP position (basically a LB) for V-Tech and played incredible. Spent most of the 1st quarter shooting the gap and made some a few tackles and forced a fumble. Made a few tackles on the outside as well. Reacted quickly to play action to pick up his man in coverage. Made a big impression as an all-around corner. Will continue to watch him develop.

  • DJ Coles is an odd prospect. Virginia Tech uses him like a speed guy which he’s not. Think he has potential to contribute at next level in a different scheme.
  • Still no Antone Exum, but soon. Very excited to see him back on the field.
  • V-Tech get contribution from all over the defensive line including Derrick Hopkins their DT. Has great size and displayed same quickness and tackling ability on those inside runs of GT’s.
  • Sad news as GT’s Isaiah Johnson is likely out for the season. Will probably use a redshirt and become 2015 NFL Draft prospect.
  • Brandon Watts picked up 7 solo tackles, but partially because V-Tech was targeting him in the passing game. His sack was due to a terrible block by VTech RB.
  • Jemea Thomas had 7 tackles and 2 pass breakups in the game. Seemed like more being in the right place type of thing but will keep an eye on him going forward.


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