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NFL Draft Bowl Previews: TCU vs, Louisiana Tech

Tank CarderFor TCU, going to the “Poinsettia Bowl” is a big let down from a year ago in the BCS game, but that has a lot to do with the lack of elite talent on this year’s team. As for Louisiana Tech, they’re more concerned with losing both the prospects in this game AND their head coach next year.

So while TCU may have the edge in terms of experience and depth, Louisiana Tech features three solid NFL prospects themselves, including a TCU vs. Louisiana Tech prospect match-up  at inside linebacker.

1. Tank Carder, ILB, TCU
One of the most productive and consistent inside linebackers in the country, Carder was instrumental in TCU’s success last season. While he lacks great athletic ability to be a dynamic inside linebacker, he plays with good technique, form tackles, and can make plays in coverage in the short area. Should be the focal point as the team deals with Louisiana Tech’s running game.

2. Adrian Cole, ILB, Louisiana Tech
A very different prospect than Tank Carder, Adrian Cole is also one of the premier senior inside linebackers in this draft as well. He’s a loose-hipped, rangy linebacker who, though undersized, can deliver a pop. He’s shown decent ability in coverage, but in this game where TCU will try and exploit the middle of the field, he can showcase that range some more

3. Lennon Creer, RB, Louisiana Tech
A former Tennessee running back, Creer hasn’t been as outstandingly consistent as you may think, but he still has NFL abilities. He’s vey sudden to the hole, and patient behind the line. He can cut very well, and explodes through openings on the outside. He does dance a little in the hole and has been known to look to the outside early, two things he can’t do against this aggressive TCU defense.

4. Greg McCoy, CB, TCU
Not an overly talented cornerback himself, McCoy has been successful in running with deep receivers and keeping them relatively tight to his hips, though he hasn’t been able to really control bigger receivers. But in this one, he’ll be more focused on showcasing his ability to help in run support on the outside, something he’s thrived at in his career.

5. Matt Broha, DE, Louisiana Tech
A long, aggressive defensive end, Broha plays with great leverage and generates consistent pressure as an outside bull rusher. Still, he lacks great depth in his moves and needs to keep his balance a little better in his rushes. He’ll have a battle with a solid TCU offensive line, but a big day could push him to the 6th-7th round.


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