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Amare takes over as Pacers lose another one on the road

Not much to say.  Close game all night.  Amare Stoudemire takes over the down stretch.  Knicks win 98-92.  Pacers are now 14-18 and have lost their 9th straight on the road.  Percentage wise, they are on track for a 36-46 finish.  Will Danny Granger be able to step up and be the big time player and leader we want him to be?  Or will the Pacers continue to splutter?

And if you thought December was rough, January might be even tougher.

Pacers next play San Antonio at home (the team that beat them in the opener) and then face Atlanta on the road. And before the month is over they will play Dallas, Chicago (twice), Orlando, Denver and Portland.

Time to step up Pacers!