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At least there’s the Pistons; Pacers hang on 106-102


On a night where everything seemed to click for the Indiana Pacers (Granger had 29 points and 6 assists, Murphy had 20 points and 8 rebounds, Hibbert had 15 points and 6 rebounds, Earl Watson had 11 assists and Brandon Rush had 15 points and 5 rebounds — and all shot 50% from the field or better), they still only managed to hang on against the equally horrible Detroit Pistons, 106-102.  The Pistons outscored the Pacers 32-19 in the fourth quarter.

Looks like the bad karma from the brawl is still killing both teams.

PS: Check out the douche in the Dunleavy jersey around the 1 minute mark of the video and the reaction of the guy next to him.  Classic!