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Big deal; Pacers beat Nets


The Indiana Pacers just can’t stop winning, though to be fair, they probably would have beaten the woeful New Jersey Nets even if they were tanking.

The final score, 115-102.  Troy Murphy had 25 and 9.  Danny Granger had 22.  The Pacers are now 32-48.  They have won 4 straight and 10 of 12.

I’m sorry, but this is just crazy.  The Pacers don’t need to win any more games.  They haven’t for a very long time.  The good news is that even if they win their final 2 games of the season, the Pacers won’t be leapfrogging anyone else in the standings. And even if they lose both games, they won’t be falling behind anyone else.  Which means they should probably try and win.

Jim O’Brien said this: “I said to our guys, ‘They are tasting victory, they are hungry and they have confidence.  They have solid pieces. I don’t think they’re far away from being a playoff contender.”

Just not this season.