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Did that really happen? Pacers get smashed by Heat, again

I don’t know what’s going on.

The Pacers lost by 30 (yes, that’s right, 30 big ones) to the Miami Heat today, 114-84.  This comes not even a month after the Pacers lost by 34 to them.

I said if any two of Granger, Murphy, Hibbert or Dunleavy had good games and they managed to contain D-Wade a little, then the Pacers had a good chance.  Well, NONE of them had a good game!  Granger shot 2-16 for 8 points, Murphy was 3-11 for 11 points, and Dunleavy had just 9 points.  Hibbert did shoot 50% and score 12 points, but so what – Dwayne Wade scorched the Pacers for 32 points in 31 minutes!

Jermaine O’Neal certainly saw tonight what he was missing with the Pacers.  Getting spanked by average teams, that’s what!