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Ex-Pacer On the Move?

After being released by the Indiana Pacers a few months ago, Travis Diener was eventually picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers.

That year for Diener was just a waste and had no point or value to it at all. First of all, he had a major toe injury that forced him to miss most of the season and lose his job with Indy.

Diener will now be a free agent on July 1st.

So far, there’s three teams interested in the young point guard.

One are the New York Knicks, who need a consistent guard to run their system. The Los Angeles Lakers are another team, who needs a point guard that can cover faster players and Derek Fisher can’t do that. There’s also the Magic, but that’s if they don’t re-sign their backups.

There’s also a chance of Diener going overseas to play ball in Europe.

“If something doesn’t work out here, I’m not afraid at all to go overseas to play,” he said. “It’s a high level over there, but my first objective is to get another contract here. But you have to weigh all the options. One of the options for me is I want a chance to play and play a lot.

“We’ll see what happens; there’s still a lot up in the air. In a couple of months I’ll know more.”