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Ex-Pacer Shawne Williams does it again!

I may have to update my list of the worst draft picks in Indiana Pacers history.

Ex-Pacer Shawne Williams, the 17th pick of 2006, was caught with 17 grams of marijuana and a loaded gun.  Oh, and he also wasn’t wearing a seatbelt (which is why he was pulled over) and had a suspended license.

Looks like he’s going to jail.

When Williams was selected by the Pacers out of Memphis he was considered a pretty promising player.  Continued off-court issues and weight problems, coupled with the desire of the Pacers franchise to get rid of all knuckleheads, ended up getting Williams shipped off to Dallas for a second round draft pick that has turned out to be latest rookie recruit Magnum Rolle.

Let’s hope Rolle can be an asset to the Pacers the way Williams never was.