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Forget Linsanity: the Pacers have lost 3 straight!

Lost in the Linsanity phenomenon over the past week was the fact that the Indiana Pacers, who previously prided themselves in not losing consecutive games all season, have now dropped three straight.

After the lousy loss to the Hawks, the Pacers promptly lost their next couple of games, both close ones, against Memphis (98-92) and Denver (113-109), respectively.

Remember when the Nuggets visited the Fieldhouse last time?  Yes, it was the game where the Pacers shot the lights out in that historic third quarter where they missed just one shot (thanks McBob) and racked up 144 points on the night.

This time, not so lucky.

Even with the losses, the Pacers are still 17-10 and are on a 42-win pace in a 66 game season.  That’s still awesome. But the question is whether they can maintain this pace over the remainder of the season.

The team obviously has been in a funk as of late, lacking in energy and desperation against teams they could have and probably should have beaten. It seems when one player is up (eg, Paul George and Roy Hibbert), other players are down (eg, David West and Danny Granger), and vice versa.  The other big problem is the bench, which can’t have George Hill back soon enough.  Tyler Hansbrough is appearing to break out of his slump, and Jeff Foster is finally back, but it’s not nearly enough. The previously celebrated Pacers depth is suddenly starting to look like an illusion.

No time to whine though.  The Pacers are about to face the Miami Heat again, and the last time these two teams met it wasn’t pretty.

Will the Pacers suffer their fourth consecutive loss, or will they put together a sorely needed effort and get back on track?