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Forget the Orlando loss; let’s talk George Hill’s return

Yes, the Pacers lost to the Orlando Magic at home.  Again.  But let’s not let that get us down.  Despite all their turmoil and travel difficulties due to the Superbowl, the Magic gutted out the ugly win against the tired legs of the Pacers offense, undoing a lot of the good work they had been exhibiting on the road as of late.  The Pacers did everything they could to lose that game, but the game was close and went down to the wire, though I’m not sure if that’s a praise for the Pacers or an indictment of the messy Magic squad.

Anyway, let’s forget about that horrible game and focus on the positives.  It seems George Hill’s chip-fractured ankle is not as bad as it first appeared, and although there is no specific timetable for his return, Hill claimed that he is targeting February 23rd as a potential date for court action.  If that’s the case then the Pacers will receive a much-needed boost.

In other news, the Pacers were ranked…wait for it…3rd (!) in ESPN’s Power Rankings.  That seemed a little high for me.  I like the Pacers to remain underdogs under the radar.  They perform better that way.