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Granger Dislocates Finger During Team USA Scrimmage

More bad news for the Indiana Pacers.

Danny Granger, the team’s best player, dislocated the ring finger on his right hand while contesting a shot during Team USA’s final scrimmage.

It was put back into place almost immediately, though X-rays will show whether Granger will miss any significant time.

Having disclocated a pinky playing basketball in April, I can say that it still bothers me and is not the way it used to be.  Hopefully the trainers at Team USA can work some magic on Granger’s finger.

On the bright side, team director Jerry Colangelo happens to think Granger has a good chance of making the final cut, which came as unexpected news to me.

“Granger will be hard to keep off this team because of his scoring ability, he’s a veteran, he’s 6-8, he knows how to play.  So if he can stay healthy, he’s got a great chance to be a part of it.”

Let’s hope so.