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Granger shows he has balls!

Yes, Danny Granger may be facing a suspension for the third quarter scuffle in that game against the Phoenix Suns, but I like what I saw.

The Pacers need a leader.  Someone they can count on.  Someone that has everyone’s back.  Someone that has balls.

I used to think Danny didn’t seem like he cared enough out there this season, but Granger showed me that he is someone the Pacers can depend on by sticking up for Earl Watson after Watson was shoved by Channing Frye.

Granger said: “They were playing dirty and (throwing) cheap shots at one of my teammates. That’s the tale of the tape. Watch the tape yourself and you’ll see what happened.”

Even more telling was the way Granger reacted to the merciless boos for the rest of the game: “I love it, I absolutely love it. When you can get an entire auditorium chanting ‘you (stink),’ that’s pretty nice I think.”

It’s good to see Granger has a bit of Reggie Miller in him.  That’s what this franchise needs.

And Granger’s actions appeared to have paid off.  According to Roy Hibbert: “I think tonight was the first time, even though we lost, really played together.”