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I don’t even wanna talk about it: Pacers get spanked by Bobcats

The same Charlotte Bobcats the got lit up by LeBron James for 61 just a few nights ago made the league-leading Indiana Pacers look like the worst team in the league tonight. 

It was embarrassing, from the 0-9 night by Paul George (he had a sore back that tightened up, but still) to the franchise-low 8-point first quarter. The 109-87 scoreline probably doesn't do the embarrassment justice. Sloppy passes, putrid offense, worse defense, and arguing with the refs all night. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.

The Pacers lost consecutive games for just the second time this season, but their troubles go much deeper than that right now. Even though they ironically became the first time in the NBA to clinch a playoff spot despite the loss, they are now equal with the Miami Heat with 15 losses for the season and are only ahead in the standings because they've played 3 more games.

Not pretty, and it's not looking good for the game in Houston on Friday. The Rockets are playing really well and it's going to take a huge turnaround for the Pacers to not just not lose, but not get blown out. Perhaps this loss against the Bobcats is the wakeup call they needed.

PS: At least Evan Turner had 22 points, the most he's scored as a Pacer, and Cope got some minutes to score 11. They really should give him more time, especially if Scola is struggling.