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NBA 2K11 Preview: This Video is so Wrong!


The Pacers’ training camp has started, and I’ll get to that shortly.  But first, let’s talk about the upcoming NBA 2K11, which is promising to be the greatest basketball sim of all time, and not just because Michael Jordan is on the cover and in the game.

MrOperationSports has been posting some nicely crafted preview videos of the game, and I just came across this new one, titled ‘The Conseco Massacre’.

It’s just wrong on so many levels!  Featuring King James and D-Wade, the video depicts in-game footage of the Pacers getting annihilated by the Heat in Indiana.  Why the Pacers?  Surely there are worse (defensive) teams in the NBA?

Anyway, check it out below.  It also has Lebron trash talking Granger (probably about his minutes in Team USA), with Brandon Rush looking stoned in the background.  It’s brutal to watch, but at least you can say the game is looking pretty good, and probably pretty realistic.

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