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Not again: Pacers topple Knicks

I never thought I’d say this, but I am getting sick of watching the Pacers win!

The latest victim: the New York Knicks.  The Pacers won 113-105 behind Danny Granger’s 33 points.

The crazy thing is, this recent winning does not mean at all that the Pacers will be a better team next season.  Of the recent victories, the only “good” teams were Oklahoma City and Utah, and maybe Houston, and all three came at home.  The other teams the Pacers have beaten recently?  Detroit (twice), Washington, Sacramento, and the Knicks.  Losses came against Miami (home) and Atlanta (away).  They haven’t exactly been slaying the top teams.

With the Pacers falling further and further behind in the lottery odds, I wonder whether they should have a good look at Eric Bledsoe, consensus future No. 1 pick John Wall’s back-up in Kentucky.  The kid is a little undersized at a reported 6’1″, but there is no doubt he has skills, athleticism, and potential.  Plus he seems to have better character than Wall.  Bledsoe is probably projected to go in the latter half of the first round though, so I wonder whether the Pacers will end up picking another PF (of which there is a logjam around the 10th pick).