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Pacers can’t figure out Rose, Bulls

I was hoping that the Pacers could get their first 3-game winning streak of the season against the Joakim Noah-less Chicago Bulls, especially since the Bulls had been struggling on the road.

But nope.  The Bulls are still a lot better.  Pacers couldn’t hit anything.  Lose.  99-86.

Pacers are now 16-21 as they head on the road to face a red hot LA Clippers team.

Amazingly, even though the Pacers are on track to finish only slightly better than they did last season (32-50), they might actually make the playoffs.  But is that a good thing here?  The first three seeds are likely going to be either Miami, Boston, Chicago or Orlando — teams I doubt the Pacers can take more than one game from in a seven game series — if they’re lucky.

Just throwing it out there.