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Pacers choke against Celts

This is too depressing so I'm going to keep it short.

The Pacers choked away a 9-point lead in the final minutes of their home game against Boston, giving up the final 11 points to lose 83-81.

A loss is a loss, but what I found interesting is that the Pacers are at least in every game they lose these days. They don't get blown out anymore, which is a great sign compared to how they were earlier in the season.

The last time they were blown out was on Jan. 23 in Portland. Since then, apart from the 8-point loss to the Clippers without Hibbert, their other 5 losses during this period were all either down to the wire or in OT.

I actually think this loss to the Celts was another "good loss" in the sense that it builds mental toughness. The Celtics, even without Rondo, are as tough as they come, and the Pacers can certainly learn from them before the playoffs.