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Pacers fall against Golden State, that is all

Not much to say. Golden State were just better.

102-93, but Pacers never really challenged in the fourth quarter. Fall to 8-9 overall and 2-1 on current 4-game road trip. Chicago coming up next.


– David West still beast (23, 8, 4 on 10-16 shooting). Needs to teach Tyler Hansbrough how to start hitting midrange jumpers again. Psycho T was 0-5 and didn't score. Didn't he used to be automatic from 15 feet?

– Roy Hibbert playing better (15, 7, 5 blocks on 6-13 shooting). He's been horrible offensively all season but has been an anchor on defense. Max contract still burns.

– Paul George's worst game ever: ZERO points on 0-7 shooting. Way to go, PG.

– George Hill not a true point guard but he sure can score (19 points on 6-12 shooting).

– Pacers bench stinks. Whenever the starters go out, and in particular whenever Hansbrough comes in for West, I get ready for a run from the other team. It always happens. Hard to remember watching him this season that DJ Augustin was ever any good, and it's harder to envisage that he will ever be good again.

PS: In Dallas — Darren Collison moved to the bench in favor of formerly retired, 164-year-old Derek Fisher. That's gotta hurt. Fisher was 1-8 with 2 points. But at least the Mavs beat the Pistons.