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Pacers get annihilated by Heat, I cry

Pacers enter the game 4-1 to start the season.  D-Wade out with a foot injury.  Optimism.  Pacers talk about elevating themselves to the Eastern Conference elite.  No one shows up.  Refs aren’t helpful until Pacers down by 30.  Get trounced, 118-83.  Hansbrough’s +/- is -43, and that includes (all the) buckets he scored in garbage time.  Granger still can’t throw a beachball into the ocean and can’t dribble.  Lance Stephenson injured his ankle while committing a travel.  A porn star lookalike (Amundson) was the best player on the team.  That pretty much summed up the night.  Maybe it’ll be a wake up call for the worst 4-2 team in the NBA.  Vogel’s offensive strategy is based on hustle and not much else.  Team shot 34.8% and committed 23 turnovers.  Something needs to be done because the road’s getting a lot tougher.  Not going to bother putting up a recap video (ie, Heat highlight reel).  PS: Lebron acted like a suffered a season-ending injury during the third quarter on a semi-botched fast break.  It was absolutely nothing. I’m going to go cry now.