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Pacers get robbed by refs in Denver, lose by 1

This is the kind of game that gets gives ammunition to the theory that some NBA refs are dirty.

The Indiana Pacers had just come all the way back from a 14-point fourth quarter deficit to tie the game at 101 apiece with the Denver Nuggets. Paul George has the ball on what was supposed to be the final possession of the game. He drives against Andre Iguodala , who makes all sorts of contact as he sticks his entire arm across George's chest and deflects the ball. No call. Iguodala gets the ball and calls a timeout with 0.5 seconds to go. The Pacers can't believe it.

From the inbounds play, the Nuggets lob the ball towards the hoop. Paul George boxes out Iguodala, who jumps and flails and gets nowhere near the ball. The refs call a foul anyway.

Iguodala makes the first and intentionally misses the second.

Game over, Pacers lose 102-101.

Seriously, if you're not going to call the Iguodala foul on one end how can you possibly call the George foul on the other? Say what you want but there is no way to describe the way this game ended other than to say that it was decided by the referees.

Second game in a row where the Pacers have a legitimate gripe against the officiating after that botched inbounds call against the Jazz a couple of nights ago.

It's also the Pacers' third loss in a row as they return from a 1-3 west coast road trip.

Disappointing, but at least now they return home, where they can take their fury out on the Pistons at home on Wednesday.