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Pacers get thumped by Magic, get closer to John Wall

It seems every time I show the slightest bit of optimism that the Indiana Pacers may pull out a win they get absolutely thumped. 

No exception to the rule today.  The Orlando Magic (who’ve been pretty tragic of late themselves) wiped the floor with the Pacers tonight.  The final score was 109-98, but the Magic ran out to a 40-20 first quarter lead and led by as much as 29 before they got complacent and allowed the Pacers to crawl back, but no closer than 9 points.

Dwight Howard dominated with 32 points and 11 boards.  Roy Hibbert, who outplayed Howard last time, had 3 points in 18 minutes, all on free-throws.  Danny Granger actually did alright with 25 points on 9 of 19 shooting, and Dahntay Jones had 17.

The Pacers are now 14-28 as we move past the mid-point of this awful season.

With each loss incurred, the Pacers are moving closer to drafting consensus no. 1 pick John Wall in the next draft lottery.  According to most accounts, this guy is better than Derrick Rose and has about as good of a chance to save the Pacers as any other point guard not currently in the league. 

Even so, why do these losses sting so badly?