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Pacers in the running for Anthony Tolliver

It’s been pretty much dead around here since the Pacers missed out on OJ Mayo.

Let’s see…Danny Granger bought a house in California — does that mean he is considering heading over there permanently in the near future? Brian Shaw is staying for another year as associate head coach, as far as we know. Bankers Life Fieldhouse announced some new renovations…all pretty mundane news.

ESPN started their season predictions already, and the experts say the Pacers will finish third in the East behind Miami and Boston, even though they will have the same record as the Celts at 50-32. The records themselves are not really indicative of much because they are averaged out, meaning they will generally be lower than expected.

But I don’t see the Pacers falling behind the Celts in the standings. As much as the Celtics improved during the offseason with the addition of Jason Terry and what not, they did lost Ray Allen and their two core guys, Pierce and Garnett, remain on the decline. The Pacers, on the other hand, have a core that is getting better. Their new additions might not add a whole lot considering who they’ve lost, but they are younger and improving. Definitely more potential if you ask me.

Oh, yes, the latest news is that the Pacers and the Hawks are two teams in the running for Anthony Tolliver, a free agent coming off a season at Minnesota. The Cavs and Wizards are also said to be interested. Tolliver, a 6’8″ forward, averaged 4.1 points and 3 rebounds in 17 minutes a game with the Wolves. The Pacers already have three SFs in Granger, George and Gerald Green, but I guess another solid shooter off the bench as insurance doesn’t hurt.